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10 lakh rupees found from a beggar’s hut:Mumbai

An 82-year-old beggar died after being hit by a train

|| Anjan K Samal

An elderly man died while crossing the tracks on Friday night in Mumbai. 83-year-old Birdichand Azad was a beggar by profession. But when the police reached his hut to give information after his death to his family members, no one was found in it.

After this, the police searched the hut and were shocked.  The house was full of coins as found in the sack along with some FD Certificate.

According to GRP police, the coins were so much that it took them hours to count. Total 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees were from the house. Apart from this, many certificates of bank FD were found, whose total value is 8 lakh 77 thousand rupees.

Azad originally hails from the state of Rajasthan.

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