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Indian Youth Congress protested against the electoral bond scam. On this occasion, Youth Congress National President Srinivas BV said that the BJP government has committed the world’s biggest corruption through extortion bonds and not electoral bonds. Through electoral bonds, PM Modi has involved all the agencies of the country in corruption.

Youth Congress National President Srinivas BV said that there can be no bigger corruption than electoral bonds, this model of extortion from companies was prepared by PM Narendra Modi himself. They gave a contract on one side, took a cut from the other side, raided from one side and took donations on the other side. Investigative agencies like ED, IT, CBI are working as ‘recovery agents’ of Narendra Modi.

National President of Indian Youth Congress, Srinivas BV also said that Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country to completely immerse the government system in organized corruption. Narendra Modi’s government is buying the elections. Along with this, the bank accounts of the Congress Party are being sealed, so that the party won’t be able to contest elections. Today, it is clear to everyone in which direction PM Modi is pushing democracy. But we will not be afraid, we will fight strongly against it.

National President of Youth Congress Srinivas BV demanded that this entire scam should be investigated under the supervision of the Supreme Court and the bank accounts of BJP should be frozen till the investigation is completed.

During this time, many Youth Congress workers participated in the protest, they were stopped by Delhi Police by barricading. Many Youth Congress workers including Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress Working President Shubham Sharma were present in the protest.

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