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Suspense ends: Bhupesh Baghel to be the new Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh

16-12-2018 : TAC NEWS-By Anjan K Samal

Suspense ends: Bhupesh Baghel to be the new Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, tomorrow will take oath.

At last, all the Suspense ended and Chhattisgarh Congress President  Bhupesh Baghel will be the new Chief Minister of the state. In the meeting of the legislative party, the name of Baghel has been stamped.

On Monday, Baghel will take the oath of the office of chief minister.After churning on the names of four prominent leaders – Bhupesh Baghel, TS Singh Deo, Tamr Dhwaj Sahu and Charandas Mahant – Congress High Command stamped and cleared the name of Baghel.

It is being told that Congress Supervisor Mallikarjun Kharge opened the envelope sent by Rahul Gandhi and declared the name of Bhupesh Baghel. During this time senior leaders of the congress party ,PL Punia, TS Sinhdev and Charandas Mahant were on the stage.

All the the legislators were in the meeting and as soon as the name of the Chief Minister declared, Chief Minister’s security team has reached Chhattisgarh PCC office to cover up and guard Mr. Baghel.

After the meeting of the Legislative Party,Congress announced the name of Bhupesh Baghel announced through the press conference.During this time Bhupesh Baghel and TS Singh were also sitting together.

Congress observer Mallikarjun Kharge said that we talked to all the MLAs late at night. Since then, churning was going on in the name of Chief Minister. The Congress President was communicated, then talked to the senior leaders of the state.

Kharge further said that this decision was very difficult because everyone has worked for the party. All are equal, the problem arises when there is a choice to choose among many. Rahul Gandhi has thanked all the people and urged them to take the final decision in the meeting of the legislature party, where everyone chose Bhupesh Baghel with unanimous consent.

Bhupesh Baghel is the state Congress chief. Born on August 23, 1961, Baghel hails from Kurmi caste and has a significant place in politics. He has been a patron of the Kurmi society in Chhattisgarh from the year 1996. Minister of Transport in Madhya Pradesh Government in 1999.

In an alleged CD case in October 2017, an FIR was lodged against Bhupesh in Raipur and he had to go to jail for 14 days in judicial custody. In October,

Bhupesh Baghel got into a new controversy. During a gathering, while addressing the public, objectionable words came out for girls from his mouth. From this, the women present in the meeting had fled from the public meeting in  middle of the program.


In 80’s, Bhupesh started the politics joining Youth Congress and turned the president of Youth Congress in DURG District.

  • Baghel was first elected in 1993.
  • In 1994-95, Bhupesh Baghel became the Vice President of Madhya PradeshYouth Congress.
  • He also won the next election from Patan seat.
  • In Madhya Pradesh, when Digvijay Singh was the Chief Minister, Bhupesh also turned the cabinet minister.
  • In 2000, when Chhattisgarh became a separate state and Patan became a part of Chhattisgarh, Bhupesh reached Chhattisgarh assembly and became cabinet minister.

  After being ousted from Congress in 2003, Bhupesh was made Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

  • In 2004 Lok Sabha elections, Bhupesh was made a candidate from Durg, but he lost to BJP’s Tarachand Sahu.
  • In October 2014, Baghel was made the President of the state Congress.


TS Sinhdev’s name was leading in the Chief Minister’s race in Chhattisgarh.Apart from this, the names of Bhupesh Baghel, Tamr Dhwaj Sahu and Charandas Mahant were also in the race. However, in the meeting of the legislative party, the name of Baghel has been stamped.


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