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37 years ago the Election Commission had launched the EVM

37 years ago the Election Commission had launched the EVM,But had bound to be voted again through ballot paper.

–By Karamveer Kamal(Editor-in-Chief)

After every election in our country, the EVM trial begins. The victor of the election  keeps quiet but the loser blamed and alleged the EVM(Electronic Voting Machine). But do you know when the EVM was used for the first time in Incredible India and what was the result of that election?

Look into those matter of facts!

That was the year of 1982 and the experiment of using EVM was at the time of by-election of the ‘Paravur’ assembly constituency in Kerala. In this case of small  assembly constituency the Election Commission decided to use 50 EVMs in 50 polling station out of total 123 polling station across the ‘Paravar’ Assembly Constituency.

The contest was between AC Joshi of Congress Party and Sivan Pillai of CPI.

Even before the voting, CPI’s Sivan Pillai filed a petition in the Kerala High Court and questioned the use of the EVM in 50 polling stations. Election Commission appeared in the court and showed a demonstration of EVM in which the court looked satisfied and consequently denied to intervene in this matter.

Interestingly Mr. Pillai, who did not believe in EVM, won by more than 2 thousand votes in that election. Congress candidate AC Joshi reached at the High court and claimed that People’s Representation Act 1951 and as per the rule of Conduct of Election Act of 1961 don’t allow conducting Election by using Electronic Voting Machine(EVM).

The High Court reiterated its decision was in favor of the Election Commission, but Mr. Joshi finding no way knocked the door of the highest demiurge of the Country.i.e.-the Supreme Court of India.  This time, the Supreme Court significantly had intervened and ordered re poll  through Ballot Paper in all the 50 Polling stations where the Election had conducted earlier by using EVM.

 Astonishingly after the election by using Ballot Paper the result was reversed.

There had been a lot of headlines in the media across the country in regard to this election. That was the big event of that time. The machine was used for the first time, but after returning to the ballot paper, the news shaped into bigger.

Congress candidate AC Joshi  had also been the speaker of the Kerala Assembly . His stature turned bigger after the re polling.

After a decade and half of that election no EVM had used further in the Process of conducting election in India. That was the year of 1998 in which in 16 Assembly seats in Delhi ,Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan , again the experiment of using EVM instead of Ballot Paper had started.As per the Election Commission this experiment was a successful one.Finally in 2004 EVMs had used in the entire nation in the Lok sabha Election.  



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