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Priya Aswini

The world is very fortunate to have “women”. As a matter of fact, there couldn’t have been a world without women. Wherever there are women at the helm of affairs, a better tomorrow and a brighter future will await the people with each passing day.

What women can’t do?  Women in the past have successfully led armies and empires.  Women are able to balance the need in order to maintain nation’s progress and to forge ahead in creating a more equal world, whether in the field of education, sports, politics, economic empowerment or law and order.  Women have come up from kitchen to keyboard across the world.  What do women have?  Truly speaking, they have the power to create, nurture and improve. Mary Kom changed the mindset of every women by never letting motherhood hinder her passion for boxing.  Another glorious example is Arunima Sinha, who despite of losing her leg in an accident, managed to climb the Mt. Everest.  So, what is it that women can’t do? Women have also contributed significantly to agriculture, handicrafts and various forms of art.  From “Sita in Ramayana” to “Jhansi ki rani”, from Surekha Yadav (first women train driver) to Shila Dawre (first women auto rickshaw driver), women have placed themselves in some striking cases of breaking conventional grounds. There was a time when the orthodox society did not accept Aidew Handique’s family in the village and she had to live as a spinster throughout her life, only because she took part in the film “Joymati” (first Assamese film).  Despite of such impediments, women have struggled hard to prove themselves and come out with flying colours.

When a woman can run her household, while taking care of her family with ease, why can’t she run a nation too? If given equal opportunity as men, women can fare much better in the fields of education, politics, medicine, science so on and so forth. Woman has the strength and power to free not only herself but also her family from the clutches of poverty and dependence. When the society begins to realize and accept her potential, with a little support she can empower and enlighten communities and uplift the entire nation.

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