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41 lakh Core members of BJP in Delhi, But got mere 35.75 lakh votes

The big question arises after the defeat that where did BJP’s Millions of Core Members go.

|| Karamvir Kamal

Many new revelations are unearthing now after the postmortem of BJP’s defeat in Delhi elections.
A question has also come in front of the party leaders that after all, how many members of the party are there in the National Capital and how many people work actively for the organization. By the way, this number is being told in Millions and it is being said that there are about one lakh people from the state to the booth level to whom the party has given some responsibilities and who are the officials of the party.

Now the question is arising that if such a large number of people in Delhi are directly connected with BJP, then how did the party face such a shameful defeat.
According to sources, the state organization general secretary Siddharthan had also sent a message on the day of voting, instructing all the workers and officials of the party that 80 percent of our people’s vote should be cast by 11 AM.

After that a pre-recorded voice call from Nadda also came on the phone of the party workers, stating that after the cadre vote was cast, they should focus on bringing the rest of the voters to the polling booths by 10 am on the voting day.
As per the ground reality, there was only 5 percent to 16 percent polling till 11 pm.

After that, activists were tried in many booths to increase voting percentage. For this, arrangements were made so that people could reach the polling booths from their respective homes, but the stakes were reversed.
According to sources, in a review meeting held after voting, national leaders were told that many people came to the polling booth but they did vote to ‘.

The biggest question is arising about the membership campaign of the party, which the BJP leaders had made with some Himalayan claims before the election. Last year, during this campaign from July 7 to August 20, a total of 17.83 lakh new core members were claimed to be created in Delhi by the BJP in a Membership campaign who only works at each and every booth level across Delhi. It was also reported that before this campaign, the number of BJP’s Core members in Delhi was around 23 lakhs, which increased to around 41 lakhs, but when the results of the assembly elections came out, it was revealed that BJP only got 35,75,430 Votes received despite their core booth level Membership of 41 Lakhs.

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