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5 condiments which will uplift your immunity during COVID – 19 rampant

Try these 5 condiments to retain your immune system robust during the eruption of the dangerous coronavirus.
|| Maithillee Zaveri

Living an inactive lifestyle during the COVID – 19 rampant can be one of the causes of a lot of wellbeing infirmities. Hence, it is very crucial to take care of your immunity & health especially during these challenging times. Even though the isolation period is over but it is still commended by the specialists not to step out superfluously. So, here we are with several immunity uplifting condiments that are easily available in your kitchen & are a part of your provender. These condiments possess benefits which will help nourish your support system when devoured day by day. Take a look at 5 such ingredients that you can incorporate in your quotidian repasts.


Is there anything turmeric can not do? Appears not. Turmeric is a solid flu – fighter has COX – inhibitor benefits which act as immunity accompaniments & can help the body defend against viral diseases. So include it in all your tempering & have turmeric milk at night. You could even make turmeric – unsalted butter – pepper – jaggery balls & consume one daily.

Kasuri Methi (Fenugreek)

This lesser known condiment doesn’t just include an incredible taste to your meals, but is also an amazing source of fibre & is known to be viable in decreasing cholesterol & swelling in the body. It keeps the assimilation happy, which is crucial for good immunity while keeping your blood sugar in control.

Coriander powder

It is also known as Dhanya powder which, is very good for soothing intestinal gas & helping better assimilation of sustenance by easing better intestine motion. This is  likely why it has been utilized widely in our cooking since antiquated times. Good intestine wellbeing not only protects against cold & infection but helps in speedier recuperation from a disease.

Garam masala

This mix of ground whole condiments is full of cancer prevention agents which help in uplifting assimilation & fighting inflammation within the body; thus keeping our immunity perfect. Plus it is full of cancer prevention agents & also fights distending & intestinal gas.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is both a cancer prevention agent & an antibacterial medium, it contributes to overall wellness colossally. It too has Vitamin C, which usually uplifts immunity, & functions as an excellent anti-microbial.

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