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5 years ago, ‘Chamki ‘(encephalitis syndrome) Fever killed 379 innocents: Now More than 1oo also have been killed in Muzaffarpur

In Muzaffarpur, Bihar, more than 100 children have died due to acute encephalitis syndrome(Chamki Fever). Also in the year 2014 , as many as 139 and in the year 2012 eventually 178 children had lost their innocent lives due to the same. Not a single year has been left that there is  no news of children’s death since a decade due to lack of Medicines and laxity of Hospital administration.

–By Anjan K Samal

After such an unfortunate situation , no such responsibility has come to lime light neither from Media Houses nor from the union government including the Bihar state Government. Even it’s really a matter of acute negligence that the Bihar State Health Minister has visited the concerned Hospital where children have been dying due to lack of Medicines only after 14 days of it’s occurrence.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of the state, Nitish Kumar came on Tuesday to look into the situation and to review this matter of Medical negligence. Interestingly in the year 2014, the then Health Minister of our Union Government also had visited after the same cause of children’s death due to encephalitis syndrome.

But the question does arise here that what Mr Minister had done after math of these innocents death?

What improvements and precautions were taken up by the BJP Government in the last five year of it’s governance to tackle acute encephalitis syndrome?

The promise those had made earlier by the then Health Minister is just now repeated. That means the promise that Mr Health minister had made in public has not done as per the ground reality.

Unfortunately the then Minister is non other than a veteran BJP leader like Dr Harsh Vardhan.

On the outbreak of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Bihar, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said, “We have promised to give every possible help to the state government … we are monitoring the situation every day …”

There is an astonishing matter of fact in regard to this disease that most of the children under the claws of Malnutrition are effected and children those have been dying in Muzaffarpur , hail from such category.

Scientifically any child effected by Malnutrition if eats Lychee than a kind of toxic inside this fruit stops making Glucose inside the body creates a fever and that syndrome is known as acute encephalitis syndrome(Chamki Faver). And the same Lychee if is eaten by any well groomed healthy child ,then shall be no problem as per the latest scientific research.

So it’s absolutely crystal clear that most of the children in Muzaffarpur are under the claws of Malnutrition for which both the state and central government are responsible.



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