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“7 STEPS from SHAME to being BACK IN GAME” by Somdutta Sarkar : A perfect guide towards Self-actualization

When you want to achieve something in life you come across a lot of hurdles on your way and only when you cross these will you reach your goal. But this path is not so easy. You will have to make a few life choices which will be crucial for your journey. But what if the choices you make, the decisions you make turn out to be disastrous. You will feel dejected, fall into the trap of stress, lack of motivation, depression, guilt, shame, you suddenly want to quit everything. How would you cope up with it? How do you come out of the stress and guilt that is hindering your progress?

Somdutta Sarkar’s book ‘7 STEPS from SHAME to being BACK IN GAME’  guides you in this process of conquering the stress and guilt and make your life meaningful.  She in her book gives us the practical and realistic step by step guide to understanding the meaning behind these problems and how to come out of it. This book unlike any self-help book is not just a motivational book, it gives a lot of reasonable tips, practical exercises for every single day to make your life better. The author through her book explains how to understand the hidden meaning of the problems in our lives and turn our life as we want.

Somdutta Sarkar

Somdutta Sarkar wrote this book from her own life experiences. Being born and brought up in a humble family she moved to Mumbai for her job. She lived her life just like anyone else. But few of her life choices turned her life upside down. She felt shame and guilt and started questioning her choices. Dealing with a financial, mental and emotional crisis made her realize a few practical things which were missing from her life. And this thought changed her life for good.

After struggling for months with guilt and shame of making wrong choices, she finally decided to break all the shackles and make her life better. She joined Vipassana and through her mentor Dev Gadhvi’s guidance and encouragement she started writing her first book to share her life experiences. When she finally turned her life better she started transforming other’s lives by coaching and mentoring people from various backgrounds to intensify their inner power to live their life the way they want. She started her programs Intensify Life and Intensifiers Club.

7 STEPS from SHAME to being BACK IN GAME

Some of the major highlights of her experience are :

  • Ignorance is not a bliss, it’s a disease
  • Every sour experience has a hidden meaning to it, we just need to uncover that for our own benefit
  • Even not making a choice is a choice
  • Life gives us several soft knocks to wake us up from our wrong way of sleeping, we must keep an ear to those knocks every day

She has penned down very meticulously her journey of how she came out of the emotional traumatic phase and financial crisis and turned around her life completely. This book is for all those people who have made some choices in life but the consequence did not turn up to be as expected. This book is for all those who fear to take the next step in life fearlessly, those who have lost their confidence owing to some circumstances in life, those who want to gain back the freedom and power by intensifying their inner potential and true essence of who they are.

This book gives everyone so many valuable lessons to learn and teaches us that problems as not permanent when you understand the meaning behind it and strive to overcome it with dedication you can change your life as per your choice.

“7 STEPS from SHAME to being BACK IN GAME’ is available at & at

Author:  Somdutta Sarkar

Book:  ‘7 Steps From Shame to Being Back in the Game’

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