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A bucket of water diluted with mere 1 Liter of Milk: Corruption in Mid-Day Meal Scheme

In Yogi’s land of so-called ‘SUSHAASHAN’(Good Governance), a corruption-ridden Headmaster of a school even didn’t mind to play with the Health of Primary School goers.

|| Bishnupriya Mishra

This was reported from ‘Sonbhadra’ from the state of Uttar Pradesh. In this issue, a case has been registered in the name of Head-Master and has been suspended too.

In the recent past, this incident took place in a government school at ‘Saleibana’ of ‘Sonbhadra’ district where as many as 200 students have been studying in a government primary school.

The Headmaster ordered to buy a Liter of Milk and mixed it with a Bucket of water and this water adultered milk was distributed among these innocents school goers.

As per the DM, after a primary investigation, a suit has been filed against the Headmaster, Shlesh Kumar Kannauja and was suspended as per the recommendation of Block Education Officer Mukesh Kumar.

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