A cardamom a day keeps you fit each day

In our regular life, we rarely consume cardamom. If you know about its properties, you will also start taking cardamom daily. A concerned Medical research has confirmed that cardamom that presents in the kitchen of the house is also helpful in reducing your weight. Today we will tell you about the various  Medicinal elements of cardamom.According to Ayurveda and naturopathy( Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy living and a drugless system of healing based on well founded philosoph)., green cardamom increases your digestive system by cleaning up the indigestion of the body, reducing body swelling and reducing cholesterol levels, which helps in losing your undesired  weight. Cardamom is also helpful in reducing the systolic and diastolic,  therefore it also  affects the blood pressure level.If you can not chew cardamom all the time, then you can also use it by putting it in tea. According to the research, if the cardamom powder is consumed, the stomach fat can be reduced naturally. Taking it regularly does not even affect the body adversely. Cardamom for the strong digestive system

If you have problems related to digestion or indigestion, then you should eat cardamom. In order to strengthen and detoxify your digestive system alternatively every morning you can drink cardamom tea. Take two to three cardamom, a small piece of ginger, some cloves and some coriander seeds. Grind them well and eat them with a little warm water. This is an instant treatment for indigestion, swelling and gas.

 Cardamom wipes out  Smirk

A cardamom must be chewed after meals. It also removes the bad odor of the mouth, and can also prove to be effective in removing many problems related to your stomach.

 Cardamom makes flee your acidityRegularly chew the cardamom every time after meals. The best way to get rid of acidity is to avoid sitting immediately after eating, instead chew a cardamom and  take a few strolls which  will make you feel deeply  better as if cool and gas less Stomach. Get Rid of Respiratory illness by using CardamomCardamom is the best natural remedy to relieve these symptoms if you have cold, cough or having cold ridden chest. All you have to do is  to put some drops of cardamom essential oils in hot water in an utensil and  take the steam and vapors to get red of cold ridden life in an extreme winter.  Cardamom is you’re the best friend to you’re your Healthy HeartInclude cardamom in your daily diet for the health benefits of your heart  or continue drinking only cardamom tea. It is very helpful in maintaining  balance of high blood pressure.



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