A Frightful & Shocking News of Mass Suicide: Burari,New Delhi

Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi, unearthed a shocking and unprecedented incident of Mass suicide as he told, “Bodies of seven women and four men, including three teenagers, have been found. We are investigating the case from all possible angles and are not ruling out anything.”

In a dreadful case of Mass suicides , as many as 11 bodies of  same  family  were found from a house in Burari area of New Delhi.All these dead bodies include seven women and Four Men.

One of the Deceased Male Member was recognized as  a registered Contractor in chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

How Local people did come to know?

On early Sunday Morning a neighbour approched a near by shop which is owned by this family  at GURUDWARA in Burari area of New Delhi to buy some milk.He found the shop closed and as the residence is adjacent to the shop ,he entered into the house to wake up the owner of the shop.He went upstairs as the said house was open and there he found this horrible Mass suicide in which 11 bodies were hanging with some of bodies had thir hand tied.

This neighbor also informed the police immediately.In this regard the an official of Delhi Police said,” He found the family members were hanging from a net used for ventilation. He then informed others and police were informed later on,”

The concerned cops taken control of all the near by CCTV Footage of the area.

Though the family originally hails from Rajasthan, but the family had been living there in Burari area of New Delhi since 2 Decade.The exact address of this grim house is street number 24, Sant Nagar, Burari.A team of Delhi police is investigating into this Mass suicide with the probability of the Family Members were murdered and then hanged.

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