A Grand Initiative by Stars Konnect towards Women Empowerment

Beauty pageants have become a way for young women to start their career in diversified fields they intend to enter. Contestants and winners are developing particular skills that are transferable and implemented into various fields. Though “You can develop them elsewhere as well, but there is an argument to be made that you evolve as a person and can develop them more quickly by participating in a pageant on the similar lines MMIWC is back in India again after 2011. Stars konnect has proved an elite & respectable pageants i.e. Ms. & Mrs. India Worldwide Chicago 2018.

The grand initiative of the idea women empowerment has been taken by the founder & Stars Konnect “Mr. Aditya Goel” with the support of MMWIC. The event is going to be a grand affair with the 4 days of exclusive grooming session 9th Jan to 12th Jan followed by a grand finale on 13th Jan at Hans Resort Rewari. There would be guest celebrities to address the participants each day to talk about the health & lifestyle lesson. The winners (3each, 3 Ms. Category & 3 Mrs. Category) in the grand finale would be representing the country in Chicago.

To support the pageants, there are 5 renowned strong women are associated as brand ambassadors.

Bollywood Actress “KAINAAT ARORA”, the most Glamorous Lady at “C SQUARE CAFÉ, GURGAON”.

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