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A journey from engineering to writing

Akshay Sharma, an electronics engineer, ventured in writing career mainly because of his interest in story telling. He has scripted few short films, directed, and composed music. He is a motivational speaker, focusing mainly on the topics about dreams and passion in life. His journey as an author started after interacting with students from various schools and colleges by helping them to focus on their dream career. He is a fictional writer, and aims for writing a Non-fiction book after a few years. His writings are mainly; Thrillers, Motivational, and Fantasy-Suspense, with a blend of love story attached to it. He has won Inspire to Change Award for his role in inspiring younger generations and also, he has been one of the winners of 100 Inspiring Authors of India. His Honors are; Emerging Author Of India – 2018, Sangamam Literature Award, and IIT-BHU HONORS.

Stories are not just mere stories for him; stories are something he devours and keeps close to his heart. He wanted to tell everyone the story about dreams. Sure his story has protagonists but the plot –it’s all about flying dreams!

The greatest trial in his journey was to step out of his comfort zone and look beyond the horizon –to leave the life of an engineer and reach his destination of becoming an author.

“The first step is generally difficult. Suddenly, you are exposed to uncertainties. Uncertainty is uncomfortable but it also makes you realize how fragile everything can get. One wrong decision and you may hit the rock bottom. This is the phase of trials. Without trying you wouldn’t get the taste of success ever. Every successful story stems from that one trial, and sometimes a series of trials and errors. But your drive to fly high in the sky and go beyond the horizon of your inhibitions will make sure that you achieve your flying dreams. There’s a saying that easy success brings ego and slow success bring values. I cannot agree to this more. This is the saying I completely preach. Yes, things may not go as per your plans. Things may turn bitter and you may also feel like giving up. It’s only natural. But the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is endurance. When you endure through these tribulations, you come out as a true winner with great values and character.” –Akshay Sharma

But where does he find his own motivation and inspiration?

Akshay Sharma draws motivation from his endless endeavor of inspiring others. He self-motivates himself into taking risks and succeeding. This act of self-motivation allowed him to establish his very own Digital Marketing Business MARK-FLY DIGITAL SOLUTIONS.

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