A State of Mind

Have you ever been in a state of mind feeling that the future will bring you happiness and just waiting for it to happen satisfies you? Well, get off that dream train.
Get into the zone called- Now.
|| Elsie Gabriel

I believe that through my life experiences I can share with you, that the faster you get into the Zone, the more successful and happy you will be in life. I am not talking about artificial dope flowing around the world. Nor am I talking about acquirement of money, jobs, material wealth or relationships. I am talking about adrenaline which naturally stimulates our hormones and brain.

It’s a flow of energy which immerse you in a mental state. A rush which engulfs you so much so that you forget to bath, eat, be angry or sad, to love, hate and completely forget about tomorrow.
You loose track of time and space. People looking at you say, “Oh, she’s in her own world! Yes! Reach that spot in your brain, nurture it and let it take over you. This mental state is called the Nirvana that comes from self growth. Dissolve the constant brain nagging, stop self sabotage and dilute the need to compare yourself with the world and be at ease with yourself. Raise your happiness quotient and believe me, everything else falls into place.

Making happiness your prayer doesn’t come easy. Do not mix these zones of happiness and elation to a vacation or leisure time. Guide your mental energy towards a passion for an art, sports, hobbies, exercise, painting, photography, fishing, anything which gives you an immense sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Focus your mental energy towards the challenges which are brought about from this action. If it is not challenging, it will not bring you into the zone.

Regular occurrence of this zone- flow state in our daily lives is key to our overall levels of life satisfaction and happiness. Therefore a healthy timetable in your daily life creates this for you.
Chalk out a path to fulfill this timetable. This will be your source of dopamine.

A series of flow experiences work towards a growth principle. When you get into a flow state, you are working to master that passionate activity at hand. To maintain that growth of that flow state, you must seek increasingly larger challenges, increasing the difficulty levels to motivate you further. Attempting these new, difficult challenges stretches one’s skills.

And then this “Flow Zone” emotional bank deposits leads you to be a better worker, better person and a better human being around others.

As simple as that! Life is a journey not an end destination, don’t be fooled by waiting for the end. This synergy of the flow and zone gives you a higher chemical than any other. It feeds your happiness quotient.
Like they say- don’t ever grow up! Uncomplicate your self! Get off the rat race!

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