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The voting date of last Feb 9 in the recent past had made complete preparation to apply a shock therapy to both BJP & Congress.

|| Karamvir Kamal

Now it is up to the people of Delhi to decide whether they did caste vote in favor of a patriot political party or in favor of the party that provides everything free of cost for the livelihood in the national capital as if the party of Freebies.

The National Capital that comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs, had declared it’s election as Patriot vs Freebies.

Whatsapp university and other social media had started propaganda that the voter who does believe in freebies would caste vote to AAP but the real patriot would caste vote only to BJP.

Where ‘AAP’ came out to ask for votes in return for its work, the BJP and other parties looked for votes on issues like Prime Minister Modi Ji, Kashmir, Shaheen Bagh, and Ram Mandir.

The interesting thing is that the Congress, which ruled for 15 consecutive years during the elections, did not mention what was expected in the election. Delhi assembly election was entirely Aam Aadmi Party vs BJP.

AAP’s hat-trick

On February 11, the election results triggered an alarm. But this current was not at Shaheen Bagh but the BJP headquarters in Delhi. The Aam Aadmi Party registered an excellent victory in the elections.

Like last time, this election was also Aam Aadmi Party vs BJP. Congress was not at all in the race. It was a challenge for the Congress party to come back in this assembly election of Delhi 2020 but the party even could not manage to win one seat out of 70.

BJP fought this election in the name of patriotism and the consequence was mere 3 seats. But the people of Delhi, who proved themselves, patriots, in the last Lok Sabha election, has voted in return of work done by the party in the assembly this time.

In this election, BJP also openly promoted Hindu vs Muslim. Indirectly, some big leaders of BJP were directly seen doing the politics of Hindu & Muslim. Many disputed statements of BJP leaders also unearthed in these elections.

However, after the election results, the BJP is saying, “We are not egoistic by victory and we are not disappointed by the defeat”. However, BJP’s performance was better than in 2015.

If you talk about the election campaign, then Amit Shah held more than 40 public meetings against more than 50 roadshows of the Aam Aadmi Party. At the same time, Rahul and Priyanka only did four rallies.

For campaigning, the BJP had fielded a large number of its MPs along with the Chief Ministers and Ministers of several states. Big leaders of BJP, including ministers, remained encamped in Delhi.

Amidst all this, what would have been the mantra for the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party? Certainly, the Aam Aadmi Party managed to grab votes and support of the people of Delhi due to it’s better to work in the field of education, health and fight against corruption. AAP won 62 out of 70 seats in this election. At the same time, the BJP got only 8 seats and Congress could not open its account even this time.

Shaheen Bagh and AAP

Whenever the discussion on the Delhi election results starts, there is the issue of demonstration in the Shaheen Bagh against the citizenship law.

Shaheenbagh has become a national issue. Shaheen Bagh has become an important place for Hindu -Muslim politics. On behalf of the BJP, many leaders made controversial statements about Shaheen Bagh. Sometimes it seemed as if Shaheen Bagh was the center of Delhi’s election.

In this episode, when interviewed in a private news channel, Delhi Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was asked questions on Shaheen Bagh, one of his answers gave the issue to the BJP.

Manish was asked the question, “Where is the Aam Aadmi Party on Shaheen Bagh? In response, Manish said,” I am with the people of Shaheen Bagh “. This statement of Manish Sisodia was made an election issue by BJP. The party controlled the damage to this statement of Manish Sisodia, after which Manish Sisodia started campaigning.

Apart from this, more than a year ago, Kejriwal changed his political strategy considerably. Kejriwal, who has been cursing Modi on every matter, has shifted attention from Modi in the last several months and focused on his work. And in the capital of the country, an election was shifted from religion politics to the work that the AAP Govt. has done.


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