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ABP News & Nielsen Survey light ,No Clear Mandate to any Political Party

NDA With BJP are likely to get 267 which is 5 less than absolute majority

Congress may get more than double of 2014’s General Election

Mahagathbandhan may surprise all by getting stunning 56 in the State of Uttar Pradesh

Seven phases have been voted for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Prior to voting, political parties had put an emphasis on the voters in their favor. Who will be able to get victorious is the big question now?

It shall be revealed only after the results on May 23. However, before the results, ABP News & Nielsen have tried their best  to know the mood of the public through exit polls.


The big factor of Indian politics is that the path of Delhi’s power corridor passes through Uttar Pradesh and it is also a big reality.

In every  Lok Sabha Election, the performance of the party which one is elevated in this largest state of the country, its echo is heard in Delhi. 

ABP News & Nielsen have tried to know the mood of Uttar Pradesh via this opinion poll in which no political party is going to seek absolute majority of 272.Even Congress and Mahagatbandhan in combine going to get more than 272 seat As per the survey BJP+NDA are geeting 267 which is 5 seat less than absolute majority to form the government in center.


(Info& PIC-ABP NEWS-By Anjan K Samal)

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