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America-China collision over consulates

There are a cold war and disputed talks that are going on between China and America. Both the powerful nations are fired on each other and making different claims, planning, and increasing their military strength.
|| Nayan Prakash

From the past several months, America is making everything tough for China, from trade to economic bans. The main reason behind the rage of America is due to the deaths and devastating conditions of Covid-19 in the country. Secondly, the rude territory expansion is also said as the disputed border issues with different countries including India, Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, and some others. China is outraging without any reason and with descent military power and some fake old tactics in the South China sea.

Now, in this dispute America ordered to close the Chinese consulate in Huston and Texas because the Chinese consulate is blamed for stealing some private information related to national security and some of the European and American intellectual property. It was found something unusual in the Chinese consulate in Huston forced America to move like this. Secondly, America’s government banned some of the Chinese political leaders for violation of human rights against Muslim minorities in Xinjiang.

The Secretary of state Mr. Mike Pompeo said, “We have ordered for the closure of Chinese consulate because they found stealing American and European intellectual property”.  On the other hand, relying on this action China also demanded the closure of the American consulate in Chengdu. The Chinese foreign ministry said, “To give a proper reply and informal, unreasonable charges on our Consulate, China is going to close the American consulate at Chengdu”.

The conditions are really serious and both the countries are imposing different allegations and charges on one another. Both the UK and the USA are raged on China and attacking the dragon for violation of the UK-CHINA agreement over Hongkong.

Since the whole world is stressed with the Covid-19 and China is misleading the world first with the virus and now, with misbehaving, staling, and illegal expansion of territory.

Mr. Pompeo concluded, “Either the free nations should change China or let China change us.” There is only one threat which is an alarming world war against China but the dragon is neglecting this rage but it is sure that if the situations of war will move on then China will get serious injuries on his military and economic growth.

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