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An Austere Exertion was warned by BJP against Pragya Thakur

Pragya Thakur,a terror accused stunned each one of Indian democracy by getting ticket going against the democratic and political ethos from India’s biggest political party and stunned more after winning from DIGGI RAJA (Digvijay Singh) with a very wide difference of votes.

|| Anjan K Samal

From the day one of his victory ,she started putting forward her immense controversial statements alleging Congress Party and others.

 Her constant controversial  statements, now has been isolated her inside her own party circle. 

The BJP now has ordered her not to speak in public places.Madhya Pradesh ,BJP chief Rakesh Singh has warned Pragya Thakur that strict action must be taken against her next time she makes any controversial statement.

The party at present seriously believes that whenever Pragya Thakur tones some statement, she makes a mistake that turns against the party line.

One of her colleague JP Sharma said, ‘Do you think anyone can stop Sadhviji from speaking?’

Pragya Singh Thakur recently once again raised controversy with her statement.  on Monday , she urged that the opposition party is relentlessly using deadly weapon using ‘Tantriks’(Occult Practice) to harm and kill BJP leaders.

Pragya Singh made this  useless remarks while addressing a condolence meeting held in the state BJP office on Monday morning to pay tribute to former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Babulal Gaur.

She had urged that a very difficult time is going on. She further urged that When I contested elections, a Maharaj(priest) came at that time, he said to me, do not reduce your meditation, keep increasing the time of meditation, as the opposition which is doing such a thing of using deadly and lethal weapon by ‘Mantra-Tantra’(occult practice) by which Bharatiya Janata Party will face deadly consequences.

BJP MP has given controversial statements many times before this for which BJ[ also had to face problems without any reason.

Once she had said that she has not been elected to clean the sewer or clean the toilet.


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