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An Order of Eviction in return of protest over Basic Amenities: HP- NLU

Nation’s one of the highly reputed Law Institute, National Law University, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh really shows a step-motherly behavior after all the students have been protesting for three days over the denial of Administration to provide utmost basic amenities.

|| Anjan Kumar Samal
Is it their fault to demand Hygenic food after getting infectious food that served to them?
Infectious Food served by HP-NLU-(PIC-TAC)
Is it their fault not having proper drinking water to drink?
Is it their fault to demand an elected student body to represent all the students of this University?
Infectious Food served by HP-NLU-(PIC-TAC)
Is it their fault to stay out of campus in the Hostel where there are no such basic amenities to Live in?

After paying 2.35 Lakh per year, why all of these students are denied to have clean drinking water, appropriate legal books in the University Library and most importantly,  they are denied to have proper Medical facilities.


The administrator may have forgotten that by evicting University Hostels, the strike must not be called off. But an inner agony among all these young students may ignite violent protest ahead in the future course of time.


It was informed from an inner source that, some of these students are planning to protest in the National Capital and if can be then it shall be absolutely a hard nut for HP-NLU to crack.

After the request of the administration, Protesters in NLU-Shimla didn’t stop and consequently finding no way the administration orders to evict the university campus as soon as possible with immediate effect.


The university announced loud and clear that all the admin. The building shall be closed till September 25 and therefore all students are directed to evict the campus.

The Order commands, “If any student still prefers staying in the University Campus during night, he/she will be staying at his/her risk and responsibility,” added the admin, and, seemingly contradicting the previous paragraph, noted ominously: “It is further directed that residents of all hostels shall vacate by 20 September] failing which strict action will be taken.”


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