A provisional tent crumbled throughout Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s public rally at Midnapore in West Bengal.Many BJP supporters  were injured as the standby tent collapsed instantly over them. As per Midnapore police all injured were taken to the nearest hospital for their proper treatment.

The rainproof tent constructed just next to the main entrance to the rally spot. Differentiating the police official, the west Bengal state president Dillip Ghose reported that  not 22 but 24 people were injured. Later on the numbers of injured reached as many as 44 and final countdown was  reported 90.

It was reported from various sources of news agencies and bystanders that many passionate BJP supporters ascended the standby awning which was marked by the Prime Minister and he also appealed these people to get down of it repeatedly. He also spoke to some injured public in the hospital.

Later on after finishing his speech briefly ,Mr. Prime Minister also visited Hospital to know the conditions of injured public by this unprecedented and unfortunate passionate public.

The ambulance of  PM’s caravan was used to make injured people’s treatment to the nearest hospital after the strict instruction of Prime Minister ,Shree Narendra Modi to his personal official staffs including SPG personnel

During his personal interaction to injured , one lady among the injured requested the Prime Minister for an autograph and also showed her obligation happily in return of the autograph in the hospital.

Mr. Prime Minister urged,” “Even after the tent collapsed, the people present there helped others and no one fled. They Maintained discipline.”

The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banajee told,”We pray for the speedy recovery of all those injured at the Midnapore rally today. The government is giving all help for medical treatment.”


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