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Welcome to the world of consciousness! Menstruation experienced by women all over the planet is a blessing in disguise not only to her but the entire world! The way they get awakened can help them awaken the entire human race! Have you ever noticed how strongly do women sense what’s going on around them? Probably, this is why they undergo all sorts of emotions that men cannot understand easily! She can connect to everything around her, she can connect to everything she knows about… even if it is as tiny as a microscopic particle! Do you know why? Because she bleeds for all this!


Yes! The menstrual cycle of the woman brings her to a higher level of consciousness. She remains conscious about her body because of this periodic cycle and therefore is more aware of what’s going on with her body. But… is it just related to the body in a physical sense? No. It is also related to the mind and the different sorts of emotions it undergoes. The different kind of emotions are linked to the different phases of the cycle. Also, these emotions if monitored can be utilised wisely to lead a
more balanced life. How? The answer to the “how” is “by utilizing your emotions wisely and knowing when are you most productive at what!”

One must know the art of maximising one’s skills and productivity, and so a woman must be aware of how important is her menstrual cycle in driving her roductivity.
Now, let’s talk at the spiritual level! If any human, man or woman is in pain or is bleeding, he or she becomes more aware of himself or herself and therefore becomes more conscious. So, practically, women are more conscious about herself and everything around her, and this is the reason why we mention them as “emotional creatures”. Now, here lies the power! If this consciousness is utilized for self-realization, it can even lead to spiritual awakening. Also, a woman affects the environment
and surroundings around her by radiating her energies and therefore she is a big driver of spirituality!

The only problem that’s been is the lack of realization of this power!

Ananya Anurag Anand, in her book “MENSTRUATION: A consciousness that is experienced unconsciously” has come up with this wonderful concept of CONSCIOUS MENSTRUATION, through which she has tried to link woman’s menstrual cycle to the process of spiritual awakening. Also, she has given a scientific aspect to many practices followed during menstruation, making this book an unbiased one! This impartial and unbiased approach is the reason why this book is a life changer for
everyone who goes through it!

She has also been awarded the BEST AUTHOR 2021 (Health and Fitness category) by NMCBI.

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