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Ankush Tiwari, a poet known for his sincere and socially conscious poems

Founder of Global Savian Consulting LLP and poetry club “Chand Ka Tukda”, Ankush Tiwari has encompassed a long journey through tough challenges in life.

About three decades ago, when Ankush Tiwari and his family arrived to Delhi, he had no idea that fate had so many wonderful things in store for him. Ankush and his family had a difficult time in the beginning due to their poor salaries, which made meeting their basic necessities difficult. Ankush Tiwari never gave up despite all of these obstacles. He promised to study hard and live a good life while absorbing lessons from his hardships.

‘To work and then follow one’s passion, to live and then live for one’s love for writing’ is what is reflected though this author’s life. His poetry versus in and out of society with a constant and never falling faith in his abilities to write.

“My favorite one is Hadon ke paar bhi ek duniya hai, and the reason is we all learn from our mistakes and that is why I have made sure to avoid those things in that, apart from that you will see a fusion of different form of poetries in this book, though it is a clicked line but this book actually is really close to my heart”, is what Ankush had to say about his latest book.

Ankush is defined by taking up one’s dreams and following them while pursuing a professional career. Ankush Tiwari encourages others to believe in themselves and see their own ability.

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