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Another step towards the making of an eco-friendly Nation on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti

Meet Tanya Satish Climate Reality USA Leader and CEO of Creed Entertainment promoting the Ban on plastic on October 2 Gandhi Jayanti. Tanya has taken leadership from our PM Modi campaigns on the plastic ban and was together with Minister Nitin Ghadkari, the stallwat of the Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan and Actress Diya Mirza to promote the ban on NDTV live.
|| Elsie Gabriel

” Strict implimentation of fines is what we need, I want to lead a team of young entreupreneues together with PMO Modis action team to strategize and ban this at the root level. There should be total ban, close the tap completely, shut manufacturing units or give them alternative materials like banana and jute fi res to process. I have our 20 point agenda which I will be submitting to the Prime Minister. ”

Tanya has been trained personally by former Vice president of the USA as a Climate Reality leader in Rio Brazil and has been spearheading Powai lake cleanups and promoting sustainable clothings , sustainable interiors through her event management series.She is the third generation of environmentalists in the family who learnt how to eat from patals, drink from steel utensils and recycle clothes. She wants to go back to where India was always eco friendly.

Tanya further adds,” Alternatives, Solutions, pragmatic non plastic enforcement, no tax on these bio degradable, heavy duty checking at all airports and ports and stations… shredding machines.Encouraging more women in my social circle and youth are some initiatives which have helped me so far. I want to be part of the solution on PMO Modi’s team. I appeal to the Prime Minister to absorb more young Environmentalists into his ban on plastics campaigns.”

Tanya Satish is determined and a firebrand where her Marketting skills and experience will see her fulfill her vision for sure.

This year alone she has created over one thousand Eco Ganesha’s out if the silt of Powai lake and Mithi river..she believes that the silt traps should be placed to filter plastics at storm water levels, rivers and lake’s..not just collect plastics on beaches. Tanya unlike many other youth, has a ten year old pair of jeans and sweaters, she uses a steel flask at work and uses only bamboo tooth brushes.She believes it’s small significant lifestyle changes that will bring India towards fighting climate change and recycling.

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