Apeksha Porwal Has Finally Dropped Notes On How She Maintains Her Well Toned Body

Undekhi actress Apekha Porwal has been recently making waves internationally with her Arabic series Slave Market. She is the first Indian lead in an Arabic show, and she is definitely making us Indians proud. One thing that we couldn’t take our eyes off from was her well toned body and here’s how she achieves it.

When asked about her fitness regime, how she stays so fit, Apekha answered, “ I am very regular with my workouts and try to stick to my regime even while travelling. I turned vegan two years ago and do maintain a vegan diet unless I’m shooting in extremely remote locations where it’s not possible. It’s actually helped enhance my workouts and general strength and energy levels contrary to popular belief. I also started training in martial arts and am enjoying exploring kickboxing and nunchucks. Working out and staying fit is something I actually thoroughly enjoy, not just for my physical but also my mental health.”

Recently the actress shared her workout videos on her social media handle captioned,
“Work in progress”.

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