Armchair Travel enriches onsite travel experience : Here’s a guide to the process

It has been observed that humans are incredibly innovative during toughest times. And, during the pandemic travel professionals showed incredibly innovative initiatives to keep the travel dream alive for travel lovers. They tried their best on the premise that if travel lovers can not come to us, we will go to them.
|| By Stuti Singh

Armchair travel is one such concept in which one can discover the world without actually going anywhere. It’s traveling without having to pack, travel and plan. Nowadays we have an ample number of resources quite literally at our fingertips which lets us experience faraway places from the comfort of our homes.

Traveling is exciting but sometimes it becomes a bit daunting. Armchair travel can prepare you to be confident while traveling. This is particularly relevant to solo, first time or nervous travelers. Armchair travel can teach you all the tips and tricks you need to keep yourself safe, healthy and enlightened for your next trip. Mentioned-below is the guide to the process :

Enlightens you about the place

Armchair travel can stretch your intellectual horizons. Learning about the places that you are expected to visit in future adds to your ability to collect and organize new information. Sometimes you forget a few things, however, the next time when you hear about the same thing, you will perk up and recollect the information.

Creates Mindset

Taking a virtual tour of your next destination will give you a picture of the place, local culture, customs, laws, living arrangements and climate. Documentaries, pictures, blogs, etc. provide you an understanding of all the above mentioned factors and set realistic expectations.

Helps you set Budget

It is always important to establish a budget while planning a trip, and armchair travel lets you establish a budget in advance. The Vlogs, blogs, travel shows, etc. give you an idea of the costs and expenses that could occur while traveling, this way you can plan and enjoy the trip within your limit. There are several destinations that are generally more expensive than others, but there are ways to save everywhere and armchair travel helps you do that.

Won’t let you Starve

Travel is all about exploring, adventures, trying out new cuisines and what not, but sometimes we literally don’t like a particular cuisine and we start searching for Indian cuisine. Searching restaurants that offer Indian cuisines is not so difficult, but searching for a restaurant that offers exactly what you are looking for is tiresome. Armchair travel helps you escape such situations, by providing you with the list of restaurants that offer scrumptious food.

Builds a perfect to-do list

Visiting famous tourist places across the globe virtually helps you make your wishlist for the things/places you want to explore physically. There are museums, parks, beaches, mountains, deserts, monuments, religious places, cafes, markets and many more. You can bookmark or skip such places in your wishlist as per your preferences.

Suggests better accommodation

Hotels are considered to be the most traditional types of accommodation. They can be large or small depending on the pricing. There are other accommodation options like hostels, homestays, camps, etc. Armchair travel apprises you of all the accommodation options and prevents you from creating a hole in your pocket.

Maximizes the fun

Anticipation of a trip is as much fun as the trip itself, pre-trip phase doubles the enjoyment if research is done correctly. Armchair travel lets you better organize and prepare for your trip, this way you spend less time worrying about arrangements and more time staring at pictures of mesmerizing spots and aesthetic landscapes.

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