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Asian chronicle’s bestselling non-fiction reads – Bestselling wizard author – Nitish Bahalwala

There are books that make us happy, make us fall in love,  inspire us or even sometimes make us sad. There are books that also question our basic existence and contribution to life. Not only books on spirituality or self-help give us an idea of the sense of being a human and our relationship with nature and its forms.

An M.B.B.S doctor by profession, a psychiatrist practicing in Belgorod, Russia. and a motivational speaker, Nitish  Bahalwala has embarked on a new way of understanding the several components of human nature with a spark of spirituality and humanity in his bestselling book ‘Chimera’.

This book can really act as a comprehensive reference book for a quick read in understanding the ways of seeking something and working towards the established goals and dreams. It is indeed an honor to quote that Nitish has won the title ‘ Bestselling modern philosophy book 2019 ‘  for the same.

Apart from his medical profession, Nitish is also an active social media content creator through his arguably best motivational talks and also one of the very influential multi-linguistic bloggers. His take on psychoanalysis and psycho sciences is one of the best attributes.

Being born and did his schooling from a small state in the land of Haryana, the social and cultural situations around may have created a spark of analysis and understanding of how human minds waiver around in the author’s mind. The complex societal structure also must have induced his interest in finding out the male-female things that exist for generations. And thus, the idea to pen the book ‘ Feminatow’ must have emerged.

On the other hand, Nitish also runs two companies named ‘ Omiu Russia’ and ‘ Rind Wind’  that are In Russia. What really is very fascinating are the names of the companies. This in a way shows his interest in the language and its semantics.

Nitish, one of the ‘ hottest male authors ‘  as quoted by The Asian Chronicle and  is working on his next book, named  ‘ Feminatow ‘ which is anticipated to be an overnight bestseller because of the genre and the theme. ‘Feminatow’ as the word suggests is a combination of two words – Femina or feminity or deducing to feminism and tow taken from MGTOW which is the anti-feminist movement.

The book starts off with the theory of gender bias that prevailed during ancient times. The author also describes and illustrates the female gender as even matter and the space being male and there exists a  perfect combination of these two that very much holds the harmony of the universe.

Inside the book ‘Chimera’, there are 11 chapters present that are categorized and segmented with a particular theme and a theory attached to it.  Each of the chapters deals with the present state of laws of living within the human habitat and their role in the aggregated form of life, the universe.  And, in the book ‘Feminatow’ , with 10 chapters are titled with the most attractive names.

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