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Asia’s Gigantic philanthropist: Azim Premji

Ajim Premji, who has retired as the executive chairman of Wipro in July after a long career of 5 decades, had revealed that he would now focus only on the world of philanthropy.

||Anjan K Samal

India’s veteran businessman Azim Premji has achieved the position of Asia’s No1 Donor for his vision towards the world of philanthropy. He is such an extraordinary businessman who donated his share of money amounting to $ 7.6 billion stakes in tech company only meant for philanthropy through education-focused Azim Premji Foundation, He turned at the forefront of Forbes’ 30 largest lists of donors in Asia.

The list includes many of Asia’s billionaires, entrepreneurs, celebrities who are committed to solving some of the biggest issues in the region. Premji, who has retired from the post of Chief executive chairman of Wipro in last July after a long career of 5 decades, had revealed that he would now only focus on philanthropy.

According to the Forbes India Rich List 2019 regarding donations, Premji now has assets of $ 7.2 billion, while in 2018 he had assets of $ 21 billion. He has slipped from number two to number 17 on the rich list. The first sign on the Giving Pledge, Premji will soon donate a sum of $ 21 billion of his own money for the sake of wiping out the darkness of illiteracy and to establish his educated world.

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