Aspects of fear

People in this world sustain the specific feeling called fear. From childhood till the edge of life, man hooks in the middle of fear. Despite the fact is that each and every creature must have been born with fear, none can deny it. Many of us assume this fear from a negative form of perspective. If so it’s a negative impact, why a man should bear this fear by birth? Maybe our opinion is erroneous. Although many of us have a pessimistic point of view about fear, some people may discern it from a different perspective having a positive impact. Can this truly be possible? Perhaps yes from their point of view.

Fear of optimistic lends man to move forward ahead in the path of victory. Man’s fear of the forthcoming future leads him towards the righteous path accomplished with security, fear of shame acquaints him to the path of discipline, fear of losing family and friends leads him to the path of his responsibilities, fear of forfeit assists them from committing blunders. This aspect of view about fear is being right. In spite of the identical fear moreover it can whirl into the pessimistic side of one’s belief. Fear may become suspicious only when we fail to conquer or to legislate it. Man’s initiating journey towards his victory may enclose the feeling of fear and so this fear also acquires the man’s prosperity into the downfall, fear has the ability to demolish one’s essence of originality. Even though we can defeat this fear by our wrestling against it.

We can recognize that fear advents to conceal our mind whenever we move one step ahead towards our mission, once anxiety is about to offence our mind and heart, we must try to humiliate it. This perspective of fear is a disease of man, it deactivates both of our mind and heart. We have to protest against fear, we must strive to overcome this feeling called fear. In case if we obtain to succeed in this process, doesn’t matter even it’s death for us, we will never regret our path, in case we revolt against our death too. And this journey of the grapple against fear is not that lenient for us, fear may grasp us more than a thousand times, more than ten thousand times, more than a million or billion times. We should not get weak of it, evading from fear whenever it attempts to weaken us can’t be a better solution. We must have been hearing the sentence, “Hard work never fails”, recollect it in your mind and begin your wrestling against fear.

Fear must be existing in people’s mind only whenever they commit mistakes with or without knowledge, although after the commitment of our faults, we shouldn’t be scared of the forfeit we receive from our own blunders. Accepting it with a smile is moreover a step ahead towards the battle against fear. Need not to bow our head before the anxiety of fear until we commit missteps and until we are appropriate in our responsibilities.

By Lakshmi Prabha Swaminathan

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