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At 66%, Andhra’s literacy rate worst, Delhi’s 2nd best at 89%

Which state posses a better literacy expense- Andhra Pradesh or Bihar, Telangana or Assam, Karnataka or Uttarakhand? In case you chose the southern state each time, you have been completely wrong & by a significant margin.
|| Maithillee Zaveri

The fact is that Andhra Pradesh’s rate of 66.4% is the worst among all states in India & essentially lower than Bihar’s 70.9%. Likewise, Telegana’s 72.8% is well under the national mediocre of 77.7% whereas Assam is well beyond it at 85.9% & Karnataka’s at 77.2% pales in contrast to Uttarakhand’s 87.6% which is a cut above by Kerala & Delhi among the prominent states & UTs.

Information from a report on education launched by National Statistical Office divulges these counter – instinctive facts & appears that, at least when it comes to literacy, the concepts of “advanced states” can be deceptive.

Aperture between male & female literacy smallest in Kerala

The information is from 2017 – 18 & is for age groups, 7 or above. However, not all assumptions are incorrect. Kerala endures by some interval, the finest among the major states with a literacy rate of 96.2%. More astonishingly, the aperture between male & female literacy is the smallest in Kerala at only 2.2% points. To put that in circumstance, the aperture at the all – India level is 14.4% points with male literacy 84.7% & female literacy at 70.3%.

Typically states with moderately low literacy rates moverover tend to have the highest gender skews, but that is not consistently accurate. For example, Andhra Pradesh has an aperture between male & female literacy rates of only 13.9% whereas Rajasthan (23.2), Bihar (19.2) & Uttar Pradesh (18.4) have articulated apertures inspite of having superior literacy rates.

The aperture between metropolis & provincial literacy rate is of the same immensity as that between males & females. Although again, Kerala has the lowest aperture of 1.9% points. At the other end of the scale on this tally are Telegana, where metropolis literacy is 23.4% points higher than provincial literacy & Andhra Pradesh, where the dissimilarity is 19.2% points. The integrated impact of the gender & metropolis – provincial skews implies that the distinction between metropolis male literacy & provincial female literacy is a startling 27.2% points at the national level. In independent states, it can be much more regrettable. For instance, in Rajasthan, it is 38.5% points (9.1% versus 52.6%) & in Telegana, 38% points (91.7% versus 53.7%). Male metropolis literacy is below 90% in mainly four prominent states & under 85% in none of them.

In divergence, provincial female literacy is beyond 80% specifically in Kerala & under 70% in 13 of the 22 prominent states. In 4 of these, it is under 60%.


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