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Today, at one hand we are sharing happiness by congratulating the ‘Eid’ but on the other hand, the world is facing a crisis of environment,
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37 years ago the Election Commission had launched the EVM

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37 years ago the Election Commission had launched the EVM,But had bound to be voted again through ballot paper. –By Karamveer Kamal(Editor-in-Chief) After every election
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A Top Research Scholar suspended for showing a black fag to Amit Shah: Allahabad University

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About a year ago, BJP president Amit Shah was shown black flags by Allahabad University’s research student Neha Yadav now has been  suspended by the
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The Mystic Architecture or Ultimate Might of the God: The Lord of the Universe, Jagannath

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In my initial post about the most worshiped God of India, Lord “Sri Jagnnath” in this Modern era. This post is for all of you to know
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Mexico: Cristobal Sánchez and Irineo Mujica detained on fabricated charges

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On 5 June 2019, migrant rights defenders Cristóbal Sánchez Sánchez and Irineo Mujica were unfairly detained in Mexico City and Sonora, respectively, on fabricated charges of human smuggling. Cristóbal Sánchez Sánchez is