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Baba Ramdev had turned apparent right behind BJP:Haryana

Baba Ram Dev had appealed to vote in favor of BJP in the election amid the jingle of Jai Sri Ram.Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, who had maintained a distance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, had come out in favor of BJP for the first time after the formation of the BJP government at the Center.


Recently, in a press conference that was held in Gurugram to create awareness for votes where Swami Ramdev openly had came out in favor of BJP.

Baba Jee had started his style of convince by addressing the general public that everyone should use their vote in elections. He had said that winning a good candidate is also the duty of the voter which even a constitutional right.

Initially, without taking names, Baba had praised BJP Chief Minister Manohar Lal and described the BJP as a patriotic party. And had appealed general masses  to vote for BJP in the national interest. After some time Baba openly  had come  in favor of BJP. Describing BJP as the only option, he had praised the work of the Chief Minister of Haryana and Maharashtra and their able governance.

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