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Be Mindful about these 5 important tips while using ATM

When there is a need for immediate cash or to check our account balance, ATM helps us in this regard. But if you fail to take precautions while using ATM, you may get into many financial trouble.
|| Anjan Kumar Samal

According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data, as many as 179 cases of ATM fraud were reported in Delhi only in 2018-19 and thus Delhi became the second city in the country to have such a large number of ATM fraud cases.

In such a situation, it is need of now to be cautious while using the ATM.

Five things to keep in mind while using ATM –

Beware of strangers

While you are in the cabin of ATM, you need to be careful with strangers. There may be people who will to give you some kind of help without your intention and need, but there are people who may commit fraud with you, tricking you into to get your personal information. You need to check and make sure that there is no one in the ATM booth except you.

Do not share your ATM PIN with company representatives and unknown caller to your Mobile Phone

There have been instances where customers have received text messages or calls from their own bank or from unknown numbers who are sought personal information in regard to your Bank details. But it is very important that you do not share your ATM PIN number with anyone. These are fraudulent methods to obtain personal information which can later be misused.

Keep Changing ATM PIN from time to time

Your ATM PIN is the key to your  safety of money, Bank account Holders a clear and easy PIN, such as your date of birth or bike number  that can be dangerous to your financial health.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a complex PIN so that people around you cannot miss use it or take advantage of it. You should change your ATM PIN periodically, time to time so that your balance in your account remains secure.

While using ATM, keep check your surroundings

Now a day, there are queues outside the ATM booth at all times. But while using the machine you need to be conscious of your surroundings. You also need to make sure that you cover the screen while punching your ATM PIN number and make absolutely sure that the persons in the queue are not looking over your shoulder. To ensure yourself, wait until the next person completes his/her transaction.

Even do not share your ATM PIN with your family and friends

Your ATM PIN number is an important component of secure banking and therefore you should not even share it with your own friends and family members, as it can be risky even in the event of disputes and strained relations. It is also illegitmate to share your info of debit card with others as your bank may reject it under a non-transferable rule.

Register your mobile number

This must enable account holders to receive transaction alerts over SMS. Any unauthorized debit card if found by any one, then should be reported to the bank immediately. Under the RBI’s customer-friendly policies, customers are need to be immediately protected against reporting fraudulent transactions.

In this view of the ascending ATM fraud cases, following the above instructions, it is the most important part of  the security of your ATM card, especially when you are using it in an ATM machine.


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