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Became a witness of partition & lawyer of Smugglers

Ram Jethmalani, one of the best lawyers in the country and always at the center of controversies, did not remain with us.

|| Anjan Kumar Samal

Jethmalani’s departure from advocacy was indicated  his growing age to stop practicing as a criminal lawyer two years ago.

In an unprecedented career of seven decades, he played a unique role by creating panic in all the four pillars of democracy. He was once the most learned, successful and expensive lawyer  in the judicial world of India.

He was the Law Minister and Urban Development Minister in his political tenure. He remained as a member of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha till his death.

He also had a strong mark in media and writing. Many books were written on him as his  biographies and Jethmalani also wrote many unabated books himself.

Become a witness of partition

Jethmalani’s  journey of life makes all of us to understand the contradictions of Indian democracy and  system of the state.

Astonishingly at the age of just 17 with having the law Degree  he could able to  challenge the intellectual superiority of the British in India. The all time fighter ,Jethmalani returned to India from Karachi only after the Portion with mere 1 Penny in his pocket.The repressive law made by the Morarji Desai government for the refugees from Pakistan, had only ended by a young and energetic Ram Jethmalaini famed himself as a true fighter and a brilliant lawyer.

Morarji did not forget that and when the Janata Party formed the government in 1977, he did not intend to make Jethmalani a minister in the central government.

Jethmalani was one of the few lawyers who argued in a number of cases in the British jury system, in which Nanavati case  was the key and vital for Indian Judiciary System.

In the year 1959 Ram Jethmalani could able to put the very first sign of victory by putting forward his successful prosecution in this case.This matter of fact is still taught in many books of law.

‘Smugglers’ Lawyer’

Genius like Jethmalani was thrilled to build bridges with fine ropes of law and logic, which always looks like a controversy in public life.

The historical principle of advocacy is that no person can be convicted until proven a crime. To justify this, he advocated for many criminals and mafia.

In his future course of his career, Jethmalani became known as a ‘lawyer of smugglers’ for his advocacy in favor of  smuggler like Haji Mastan.

In 2015, the bench of Supreme Court Judge HL Dattu was hearing the constitutional case. As per the traditions, no other matter can be mentioned during the hearing before the Constitution Bench. The judges rejected the reference made by another senior advocate.

After that, when Jethmalani talked about postponing the trial in the black money case, the judges accepted his request, going beyond tradition. The other senior advocate went ahead, repeating the demand for relief and  the Supreme Court gave judicial approval to the height of Jethmalani, stating that he was the father.

Jethmalani, the master of the judicial system, was also disappointed with the court system at the last moment. In 2009, he, along with several big lawyers, initiated the fight for transparency in the judiciary.

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