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Best selling author Sapan Saxena creates another winner!

The Tenth Riddle is a murder mystery backed by the core theme of sacred feminism. How a princess is murdered the night she was to become queen and the three protagonists find the other end of this mystery deeply entangled in the echoleons of ancient Indian history and mythology.

You never can really relate software with mythology, can you? Well, Sapan Saxena does and makes it happen. A multitalented personality, and the author of one national bestseller, Sapan works in USA in a software firm. The Tenth Riddle is his third offering and is already making a lot of noise in the Indian literary circles.

On being asked if his job has been a deterrent in his writing ambitions and how does he balance the two, Sapan Saxena replied that his job involves planning and milestones, which he applies to his books as well and that has worked for good.

Sapan works as a Software architect in Lowell, Masachusetts and does all his research for his books visiting the local libraries and online encyclopedias. He reads a number of source texts before penning his stories and sub-scenes to bring as much authenticity to his work as possible. For The Tenth Riddle as well, he studied Ling Puran, Shiv Puran, Kalika Puran, Devi-Bhagvata Puran and various parts of Vedas.

His first book Finders, Keepers came out in 2014 and was a critical success. His second book, UNNS was released in 2017 and went on to become a national bestseller. His blog Rhythm Divine has over 165000 footprints and counting.

On being asked how about his journey so far, he opens up candidly, “Of course writing along with a full time job is not easy, but the passion keeps you moving. My family, especially my wife Suruchi Sinha and parents Umesh Saxena and Bina Saxena have been very strong pillars of support. I have also been fortunate to be guided well by The Book Bakers and particularly Suhail Mathur. Locksley Hall has been a very supportive publishing house as well for The Tenth Riddle.”

The Tenth Riddle is garnering a lot of praise for its story and specially the suspense that Sapan has webbed around the core plot. Readers have been predominantly appreciative of the book’s completely unexpected ending.

“The climax does hit you unexpected. I made a pact with my wife that she wont be able to guess the ending even one chapter before the penultimate chapter, and I won. There are so many pieces to the mystery, that you may guess one part of it, but not them all.” Sapan claims.

Regarding her future projects, Sapan revealed he has been working on a historical fiction, a theme that has been close to his heart for a long time.

“I want to always gift my readers something new and unique to read. A lot of effort goes into the same and it clearly shows in the reviews.”

The Tenth Riddle has made it to “must read” lists of a lot of national media houses and has been carrying very strong reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. With the success of his third book, Sapan has proved that not only is he an excellent engineer, he is an equally prolific author.

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