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BJP is trying to topple the Ashok Gehlot’s Government and the opposition’s reply

Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan blamed BJP for aiming to topple the congress government in Rajasthan by striving to buy over 25 to 30 MLAs by lending them about 10 to 15 crores each. The state is completely busy in battling with COVID-19(coronavirus) pandemic.
|| Lakshmi Prabha Swaminathan

In this case, a new problem was reached in this state by the BJP government. There is also one news that last year BJP government attempt a similar way in Gujarat to win the Rajya Sabha Election. BJP was in the ruling since 2014. Gehlot declared that BJP brought about 7 MLAs in Gujarat last year to win the election. He also added, “BJP is focusing on to de-stabilise the government leaving to fight against the corona pandemic.” Ashok Gehlot also talked about the replacement of the established congress governments by BJP in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh before. “We keep on hearing the money was given by the BJP government to topple the state”, said Ashok Gehlot. He also conveyed that after the achievement of victory, the BJP government started to show their true face and also added that the BJP government attempted to do the same as they accomplished in Gujarat state, although Rajasthan government ceased them a memorable lesson for a long time.

Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gehlot

The Rajasthan police have allocated notices to Chief Minister as well as to Deputy Minister, “Sachin Pilot”. They are asked to classify their statement in contact with the apparent attempts to topple the Rajasthan government, according to the sources of PTI. The state police arrested two BJP members for attempting to trap the Congress and the MLAs by offering 25-30 crores each.

In a press conference, Ashok Gehlot condemned the BJP by accusing that they have crossed all the limits during this corona pandemic situation and also added that they were playing the game.

“I hope the nation to learn that congress carries everyone alone although who are opposing us, the BJP government is giving rise to the actions to topple my government”, said Ashok Gehlot. He related that after the victory of the BJP government, they were trying to expose their real face overtly following covertly on a constant basis. He added that we can witness it in Goa, Madhya Pradesh and the North-Eastern states.

Gehlot announced that the people of India are witnessing the BJP government atrocities and their pretension will break down sooner in upcoming elections. A remembering lesson will be taught by Indian people to the BJP government.

It is now necessary for the congress government to be aware of each and every move of the BJP government activities against them. Although the Congress leaders accused that the BJP senior leaders were committing a conspiracy. However, the Rajasthan government’s MLAs denied the BJP government’s request. Mr. Joshi allocated a statement on behalf of those MLAs that they will not let BJP government’s idea to get succeed.

Featured Image Courtesy: Indian Express

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