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Blindfolded Conversation: Thoughts of Soul

Soul is the ultimate identity of a person, it is well said by Edna St. Vincent Millay, “The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of God shine through”. Soul is the purest form of a human which will last for ever. By aging year by year, natural shine in the face will fade away what exactly that will stay with us is our soul.Rather than judging a person from outside, putting some effort and get to know their soul would have brought so much change in the world.Such initiative is taken by one of the organisations named Inked Weaker in Bangalore.

|| By Soma Pal

Say it Blind folded Conversation under a bamboo tree and Blind folded Conversation over a drink is organised by Ink Weaver organisation every month in different parts of Bangalore. In this event, individuals are tied with a black cloth and are made to sit in front of any other strange person whose eyes are also tied with black cloth, they talk to each other without knowing their identity that is name, designation, where they stay and so on. First two person are made to talk to each other about any random topics so that they become comfortable to each other, then they are given topic by various volunteer.

In the beginning of the game everyone who are participating stand in a circle. Then a volunteer tie their eyes with a black cloth and the people are shuffle among each other .Then ,they are made to sit at different places with the help of volunteer  and different person are assign with a partner .The two strangers  hold their hands and talk about any random thing like what are their hobbies ,likes and dislikes  and so on .After talking for a while like 7-8 minutes ,they are given various topics and situation  like talk about any historical book any personality and situation are given like if your soul is kept in a jar for a day and shown to your love ones how will they describe the material kept inside the jar ,and so on .This answer itself describes the soul of two persons .It seems like two souls are talking to each other and making a good connection or a good bond among each other.

Another situation that was given was have you been in stoma if yes how you overcome it and how is your life now after coming out of it .  This is how with this situation two soul connects and get to know about each other .The game continues like this till both the partners are comfortable with each .If any individual want to shuffle partner then it is also allowed some other person .Any person among the two raise their hand and then with the help of volunteer, they are  taken and made to sit with  some other individual.. And the same cycle goes on and on .The game continues till the other partner gets bored or feel like leaving the game .There is no restriction in leaving the game .When a person leave the game he or she simple raise the hand and the volunteer take him or her to some other place and then remove the black cloth from their eyes.

Generally, this event happens in open space when it is blindfolded conversation under bamboo tree and sometimes happens in a bar when it is blindfolded conversation over a drink .In blindfolded conversation over a drink, same things happen but in this two stranger are made to talk with a drink in front of them.

A person’s uniqueness lies from their soul and their souls purest form tells many thing about them.

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