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Book Review: A Heart Touching and Must-Read story of Love, Loss and Hope by Akhila Saroha

Human bonds and emotions are an important part of both human lives and in literature. Some authors like Nicholas Sparks bring out the pathos through their words and not just get closer to the heart of the reader but also appear much rousing and realistic. Dr. Farah Naqvi in this contemporary fiction, “Jhumki” has done much the same. The story is short but intense with a lot of depth. The author juxtaposes human emotions with the dark realities and challenges of life which makes the story more relatable for readers. Such juxtaposition is what makes the work more realistic, as that is what human life is, a mix of different times and emotions.

The subtitle, “A Poignant Story of Unconditional Love Beyond Blood Ties” says a lot about the story that is to follow. It clearly suggests that an emotion as pure as the love of a mother is not necessarily confined to blood relations. It can go beyond. This theme in itself sounds very appealing and riveting for readers looking for an engrossing read on a uniquely beautiful and pure theme. However, limiting the storyline of this book to this theme would be an injustice to this work. There is a fine exploration of other different emotions as well. The other hinted themes include the pain of miscarriage for a woman, attachment, separation, the support of family, role of destiny in human life, the courage to deal with tough times and grief valiantly while questioning the damaging effects of certain societal norms.

The emotion of the motherly instinct in a woman is explored at length in the book and it is highlighted almost throughout the story. Also, at the same time, through Jhumki’s portrayal, it is also implied that human beings are hungry for love. This applies to not just children but adults too. They are bound to go to the person from whom they get love. For all those who like stories with close depiction of human emotions, that have the ability to make you shed a tear or two, this is a must-read book. The theme of the story is such that it remains open to be read by people of all age groups. It can be read in one go, as its lucid and gripping narration is bound to keep the reader hooked till, they reach the end.

The author does not stretch the story and keeps it at a fine speed engaging the reader closely with its well-developed characters and highly engaging plot. By the time the story ends, the empathic side this book evokes in a reader, the protagonist Nimisha and Jhumki appear to be like well acquainted and real characters are known personally to them. The artistic ability of the author is highlighted by the eloquent way in which she has painted the characters on the canvas of life, amidst the conflicts, climax and fast-moving plot with multiple twists and turns. Jhumki as rightly stated in the blurb is a book embroiled with unconditional love, inevitable misfortunes, unexpected blessing and the unfolding of a divine decree or preordained fate.

The creative prowess of the author was already well acknowledged and appreciated in her debut fiction novel ‘The light in Blackout’. With this novelette Jhumki in 2020, she has given her followers and readers another reason to stay updated with her literary work.

I will conclude with a few lines taken from the book:

I walk with you inside your heart,
But don’t turn me into a void.
Reserve my tiny space,
With a smile on your face.

Jhumki: A Poignant Story Of Unconditional Love Beyond Blood Ties
Author – Dr. Farah Naqvi
Release Date – 15 March 2020
Publisher – Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Print Length: 42 pages, Kindle Edition
Genre – Fiction; Short Story
Price – Rs. 54/-

The Kindle edition of Jhumki: A Poignant Story of Unconditional Love Beyond Blood Ties is available for read at the link below:

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