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Book Review: Beyond The Crossroads

“Beyond The Crossroads ” is the debut novel by Padmaja Mishra. It is a novel that takes you through a roller-coaster of emotions, situations, crises and psychological hide and seek. The novel if categorized, falls on the genre of inspiration. It addresses the millennial issues, the one’s that people tend to avoid. It is quiet unexpected from a debut author, to have cast such an impact on the reader’s mind. She is just twenty and has proved that ‘age is just a number’.

Author Padmaja Mishra

The book has beautifully carved out characters, all of which are fully explored by the writer. The female protagonist, Ruchika Sen, is a successful entrepreneur, but has had her own share of miseries that haunt her present. The male lead, Aahan Khatri, is a struggler but lives in the present. Nevertheless, life has its own twisted trajectory. Apart from them, we especially, loved the supportive and caring character of Sameera and Yash. Almost all the characters would feel real and relatable because in today’s messy world, each one is insecure and afraid of certain things. There are scenes which move you to the core, some would touch your heart right at the weakest point, the other would puddle your eyes with happy tears.

The titles to each chapter is well suited and intriguing. The book has also got well written quotations that would prove as a lifelong lesson for many. In a particular episode, the author writes about death, “Death. How does it feel? Both for the one who succumbs to it and for those who are left behind to mourn the loss? What about the one who is still living with the absence that death has caused?”

And while writing about feelings, she adds, “Sometimes, no matter how much you guard your emotions, but ultimately, they just flow boundless.” and isn’t it the most agreeable sentence?

The book has a collection of life affirming quotes. She writes, “Life often makes us stand at the same point from where we have been running since long.” She emphasizes on the hopeful aspect and says, “Amid all the dark clouds, please hold on. Cling on to the last branch, for definitely, the night would fade and dawn would approach you.” She adds “Think of all the possibilities that, you can become!” and we can’t agree more on this.

The only thing we felt bad about was Neil. That character won our hearts. But life was unfair. Yet again, may be, “You don’t seek love, it seeks you. ”

The climactic chapters are extremely well written and fills you with goosebumps. Overall, the novel has covered up everything that today’s readers demand, romance, drama, positivity and a lot more. It screams out loud that mental health must be taken care of. You enter the book with mixed emotions, but when you come out, it is all hopeful, well-lit and confirming to life.

We would recommend you to read this and get an insight into how beautiful life can be despite of the oddities.

The book is available at Amazon, Flipkart and Haneul Store. An e book version is also available on Kindle. Reach out to the author directly @storyweaverpadmaja in Instagram and Facebook.

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