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Book Review: From Regular to Remarkable

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘ From Regular to Remarkable ‘ is positive and motivating.

Book Cover:

The cover image of the book is a bright and cheerful yellow colored image with few leaves and plants. The serene picture allures the eyes of the readers definitely.

My review:

It is a known fact that the cover of the book does have an effect while picking it up to read. Though the theories say never judge a book its cover, sometimes it’s the cover that acts as a catalyst to inspire a reader to read. This holds good when it comes to the books that fall under the non-fiction genre and especially inspirational books. The same is the case here with Dr. Roopleen’s book. After having read her previous works I was pretty confident with the kind of quality takeaways I will have in my hand after reading this book.

Coming to the book, it has 365 motivational quotes that are all categorized under various positive feelings. The categories range from Success, Goals, Mindset, Self-doubt, Confidence, Accomplish till Mistakes, Plan, Chance, Empathy and Life. There are several other categories listed but as I do not want to give more spoilers, I have mentioned only a few.

Each of the mentioned categories comprises of very beautifully written quotes that will certainly create a positive impact on the reader. With a very simple and colloquial language, the author has presented her readers with quotes that can be also implemented in one’s life. The book with very comfortable font size and great pagination of the quotes on a page with appealing indentation is a ready reference. The book is suitable for the reader of any age and people from any profession.

Author: Dr. Roopleen
Book Title: From Regular to Remarkable
Author: Dr. Roopleen
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Notion Press
Price: 225
Review by: Swapna Peri
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