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Book Review: GHOOMOPHIRO by Himadri Garg


Full of Photographs, souvenirs and trinkets from around the world, the Kumar house was nothing short of a mini museum of the flavors from the world. There were preserve-me glow ball from the places that no longer existed- like the Great Barrier Reef or the Hawaiian Island, along with the memory-cubes, that contained snap-shot holograms of places that the resident had been to and wanted to revisit virtually anytime they wanted.

AUTHOR: Himadri Garg
PAGES: 195
PUBLISHER: Kalamos Literary Services LLP
GENRE: Fiction

Happy photographs of family members, still framed, instead of the now common digital screen shots that kept changing as per calendar events, awards and certificates for varied accomplishments, both professional and personal and signs of a well read occupant were all visible. The house, to say the least, had characters and spoke for itself, even though ironically, most of its members did not as much.

Author Himadri Garg

Ghoomophiro is the story of two sisters Nikita and Kritika and their exciting much awaited trip with their family. Both of them are travelers and during this trip, family discusses everything about their travel tales.


The family of Kumar sisters always wondered –“how both the sisters managed to travel so often”? Just after reading the blurb, even I had the same question in my mind but this book manages to answer this question very aptly.

Review by Barnali Chakraborty

Travelling is a very personal experience, it is not only about visiting a place, but it’s also about full of excitement, lot of new experiences and understanding the culture of the place. It’s easy to plan a trip but managing it passably is really challenging. This book speaks about different ball games that are required to be considered for finalizing or managing a trip.

This book portrays sundry ways of enjoying life without the digital universe which seems to be quiet impossible in this modern era but travelling in a traditional way has it’s own charm.

What fascinated me the most about this book is it’s unputdownable insights on climate change and various environment issues. Along with that, it also discusses the impact of climate change and intimates the readers about different awareness activities that are required to be undertaken to meet the urgency of global warming.

The title of the book is apt to the story line. The main characters are well developed but I somehow felt that there were too many characters which may sound a bit confusing at times.

Though the cover of the book disappointed me to some extent but the travelogue of Kumar sisters inscribed here will definitely intrigue you to dig more into the book.

The lines that I found to be most inspiring – To pursue one’s area of interest , they need to push their boundaries and step out of their safety nets. “Extraordinary lives are achieved by extraordinary steps, after all, not by following a long queue on the highway”.

Lastly, I enjoyed reading this book. If I have to pen down my views in one sentence, then, I must say it’s a relaxable read.

It’s bad manners to let a trip wait!
Plan for a family trip now, grab this book and you’re all set to go. This book will absolutely compliment your travelling vibes.

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