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Book Review: Jo Tum Kaho

My Take

In last few months I read a lot of Hindi poetry books and one thing is for sure . Hindi poetry is much advanced than Hindi stories . Poets have good command over language and know how to write in simple but beautiful language. ” Jo Tum Kaho “, is a beautiful poetry book and talks about various range of Emotions. The cover is eye catching and totally apt . There are total 100 poem in this collection.
Each poetry have different theme ,and each is unique in it’s own way . Although I liked the whole book ,few of them touched my heart deeply.

First of all ,the title poem ,” Jo Tum Kaho”, which talks of a lover’s promises to his beloved. He promised her sun and moon , and earth and what more. ” Diwane hua karte the” is another one in which poet talks of a time when he was used to be in love.

In “phir teri yaad aa gayi” poet reminisces old days ,” Yaad ka Dhuan” also talks about past memories.
Some talks of beauty of his lady love,some talks of beautiful time they spent together. The poet talks at length of his love interest ,her beauty ,their love and separation . Their is poem to suit every mood .This book has poems that will touch your hearts and you can read them when you are in joy, sad, amazed, joyous, jealous, aghast, and everything else!

It will be a perfect companion in cosy winter afternoon . I will strongly recommend this to each person ever been in love or love good poetry.
Kudos to the poet for language. The language is simple yet flowery . Some words I have read after a long time. This is a blessing for any hindi language lover.

My favourite lines from this collection, “Hum tumhare bina ji sakenge kahan
Kahne ko kah diya ,jao bhi alvida “.

Book: Jo Tum Kaho
Author: Prashant V Shrivashtava
Genre : Poetry
Available on: Amazon
Price : 164
My Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Review by: Sneha Prakash

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