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Book Review: Life in Different Colours

Author: Pratik P Sharda
Genre: Short Stories
My Ratings :☆☆☆☆
Review by Sneha Prakash

My Take:

First of all, I will talk about the cover of the book, it’s so beautiful and catchy. The title is perfectly chosen too, as when you will go through this book, you will find that it paints each shade of human life in a different and unique colour.

Sacrifice, corruption, crime, family reunion, then love in old age and also breaking societal norms are some of the themes explored in this book. Emotions such as love, hate, anger and revenge are showcased through different stories.

Life in Different Colours

Although, each story is unique in it’s own way, few of my favourites are – First one is ‘The Angel of Death’, which is full of twist and turns and ends on a creepy note. Second one I loved is ‘Without You’, which revolves around the relationship of a father and a son. Most of us can relate to it.

Third one is ‘The Ransom’, it really left me biting my nails all throughout the story. Twist at the end was icing on the cake.

My most favorite one is ‘ Love at First Sight’, it’s so unique and at the same time depict the true condition of our society and its mindset. It’s heart-warming.

To know more about these stories and rest of the stories you have to read the book.

The language of the book is flawless and easy to read. The narration is fast paced in most of the stories and keep us glued till the end. In some scenes you will feel like the scenes are playing right in front of our eyes. It’s so lovely.

Overall, a fabulous read. You can feel each colour of life.

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