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Book Review: Little Tin God

A person’s life is developed by the events that happen, and the people surrounding him/her. On the basis of this, they make their choices in their lives later. An example of how events in a person’s life impact them is seen in Murgesh Prem Kumar’s work, “Little Tin God.” Through the story of the protagonist Sahana, the readers get to witness a postmodern technique of examining the psychological impact of happenings in the life of a person.

The story begins from the early stages of her life when she is a ten-year-old and develops further as she grows up from a girl to a woman. Kumar’s insightfulness into the female psyche and the way they perceive things is something that the readers will notice immediately. He gives the first-person account from the eyes of young Sahana and, at the same time, also tells the readers of the thoughts that she has without conveying them directly. This is one of the aspects that becomes the salient feature of “Little Tin God.”

Title: Little Tin God

Author: Murgesh Prem Kumar

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

“Little Tin God” is a book that all kinds of readers can try reading and will have different viewpoints on the complexities of the characters Kumar has built. Amidst these intricacies, they will also witness the plot development managed by the author at a comfortable speed with pauses to share the viewpoints of the characters. Some readers may finish the book in one sitting, while some may go on to read it in a few sittings. But the impact would be the same in both cases. The language that the author chooses is also where the readers would feel at home. Although, at some places, they may find new words that would help in updating their vocabulary, which is one of the important benefits of reading. The author keeps the structure of the novel not too tight nor too loose, and the readers do not lose focus of the plot even for once. Sahana’s life may be the cenosure, but the other inherent themes related to her or others ornament the fragment of the text in a fluid and impactful manner in “Little Tin God.”

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