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Book Review : Lost Without Her by Pournima Navani

The most purest form of love is the enduring love of parents for their kids and the worst calamity is to loose your beloved one forever having suffered a myriad of torture including sexual abuse.

The book is a crime thriller wherein the protagonist embarks on a tumultuous journey to end crime lurching on a town and nearby areas after losing his most treasured assest. ‘Lost without her’, is a heart-warming love loss story of a father and daughter duo who face separation of the most inhumane kind. The author has very well knitted the beautiful elements of parental love, anger, abuse and fear.

The story is about the Marsti , a town in South India, where the localites have lived in peace and harmony forever before the terrible incident of kidnapping six year old Samantha, daughter of Police Officer Anthony George from her own backyard reveals all the hidden carcass buried in the soil of Marsti creating chaos and fright.

Anthony George is ready to sacrifice everything to reach out to the accused after his own daughter falls victim to kidnapping, child sexual abuse and unfortunately murder. Persuaded to avenge her death and others he travels far to search the abusers even after facing suspension. As he searches for answers in different cities his investigation brings him to a criminal serving life sentence for such heinous crime committed fifteen years back. Will Anthony find the accused and bring justice to his daughters and others or does his personal loss take over his emotion.

The character of police officer is honest and respectful. A man who lost his own child while fighting against the accused of child abuses. Overall it’s a very informative book , preaching moral values lost in today’s society. All the characters including local citizens, prison and the other cops are well framed and detailed.

The plot is perfect and language interesting with an easy flow. A page-turner, the suspense keeps you engaged till the end. The book is moderate length, fast paced there’s no exaggeration which makes it a griping tale. The story at some point feels mundane due to plain and monotonous storytelling but the story quickly picks up pace.

Description of the beauty of South Indian cities and small town like Chennai, Bangalore and Tiruchirapalli is beautiful. I am personally enticed by the cultural exquisite of South India so it was interesting to read about it in this racy thriller. It gives an interesting feel to the emotional tale of a broken dad in uniform.

Although this is a fictional story, one feels like reading a true crime novel. The plot was unforeseeable which makes it an outstanding mystery novel. The twists and turns, as well as the revelation of secrets are intricately designed to surprise the readers. The author has penned an entwining mystery with the most unpredictable end.

Author Pournima Navani

Pournima Navani, a Financial Advisor by profession has done a brilliant job of weaving an emotional tale of love and loss, the overwhelming feeling of failure by a father for no longer being able to care for and protect his lovely daughter and fulfill the lifelong duties he had promised himself.

Book Review by : Md Akhlaq | Fatima Khan
Book : Lost Without Her
Author : Pournima Navani
Publisher : Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Price : 146/-
Pages : 232
Rating : ☆☆☆☆4/5

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