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Book Review: Stormbound

Stormbound by Irtika Kazi is a book you cannot put into words too easily. It is a contemporary read with tiny bits of modernity, scattered like sun rays in a dense forest. Irtika Kazi, a poet belonging from Pune, Maharashtra, working in a renowned finance company, has instilled a gamut of finely drawn details in the poetry chapbook. For Irtika, poetry is absolutely beautiful as it possesses the power to express a lot while actually expressing so less. She finds solace in the liberating essence of this form of writing. What makes poetry stand out is the unique manner in which different people can perceive the same things. The poet graduated in History and loves reading the works of Shakespeare, Brönte Sisters, Sylvia Plath, etc. The poet also has a keen interest in learning foreign languages and is fluent in German. Once her poems started getting published in various magazines she realized that she wanted to compile them all into a paperback.

Irtika Kazi

With poems like Icarus and the Ugarit Eclipse and Four Tea Cups we can easily guess the amount of creative insight the author has. Her way of expressing the simplest things in a catchy enthralling manner is probably her biggest strength. With poems like Escaping, War and What would you have Done? The poet puts special emphasis on the feeling of conflict. In poems like Bhandaara and On survival the author has experimented with eras by placing them in 1731, this shows an urge for experimentation and a good reading experience. All in all, the book proves to be an interesting read for poetry lovers who have an eye for refined words. The poems differ in writing styles which makes each poem rare. The poet has done a commendable job, we look forward to reading more of her works.

Book Name : Stormbound
Author name : Irtika kazi
Page : 71
Cost : ₹199
Publisher : Clever Fox Publishing
Review by Bookshillstation

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