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Book Review : U n Me.. it’s complicated

My Take:

There is a popular saying ,that teenage is a age in which a child is stuck between two thing. One is their raging hormones which lure them to love and relationships, and other one is study and career which push them to work harder .

Basically it’s an age which determine the future of a kids life.

This book is story of Aditya and his aspirations.  After topping in 10th he joins a college for 12th. He concentrated on study only until he met and fall in love with Rutuja .  They began their relationship ,but soon they find out that love is not only bed of roses but there are thorns too. What happened next and how their story progresses is this story is all about. There are so many twist and turns, which make this book unique. You have to read it to know more about it.

The first thing which will attract you to this book is it’s eye catching cover and unique title. The plot is more realistic and less fiction.  It talks of so many topics with which our youth is dealing now a days  ,  struggles of a student,  their day to day life , there confusion and casual approach to relationships  , pressure of parents and society to excel in every field In life.

There are so many areas this book covers effectively and effortlessly.

Narration is medium paced and language is easy yet flawless. The lyrics and  poetry are beautifully penned down. Some of them is quite impressive.

The Author is a doctor and it seems that while studying about human body,he did in depth study of  human mind too. Because this book portrays all the feelings and emotions of a teenager in detail and realistically.

This is a must read book for every student who is struggling to achieve their goal because I really loved the way Aditya achieved his goal despite of all the hurdles.

I will quote few lines from book itself;

” A lover listens to same songs and roams in the same lanes ,where once upon a time he had fallen in love “.

Author : Dr.Aditya R.Nighhot
Genre : Romance
My Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Price : 199
Publisher : Finger Print
Reviewed by: Sneha Prakash

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