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Book Review: Winter Poems

Book Name : Winter Poems
Author : Sabarna Roy
Publisher: Frog Books
Language: English
Pages: 60
Genre: Poetry
Sabarna Roy
One line review: Heartmelting collection of poems

Poetry is my favourite genre and this being a purely poetry book I enjoyed it the most of all Sabarna’s five titles. Yes, I read all of his titles published so far and I still feel Winter Poems is his best, which also happens to be his latest release as well. Does that mean poet Sabarna is more impactful than storyteller Sabarna? May be to ardent poetry lovers like me.

Starting right from the cover, contents, sectional presentation, titles, thoughts captured – I liked the book in its totality. The unnamed style of his poems was something I found new and it appealed to me.

To end with Sabarna’s lines from the book itself,
“I tried and failed
I tried and failed
I tried and failed
You never lost your smile
That keeps me going
That keeps me going – far and wide.”
My rating for Winter Poems can nothing be less than 5*/5*.

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