Bridge Kala Academy: Free education to weaker section & disable children

Bridge Kala Academy will be giving the provision of free education every year to 21 girls from weaker section or disable children, who have keen interest & passion and have passed 10th class from various government schools Solan/Shimla region

Solan: Another chapter is going to be added for the betterment of Himachal’s education world.

Bridge Kala Academy near the new bus station of Solan, keeping in view the needs of the world of work of society, skill education _ is bringing new and upcoming new technologies in the field of skill education through education.

Through the academy, we are going to try to educate the budding youth in those areas of skill to enable them for their livelihood.

Keeping in mind the desire and desire of Shri Kailash Chandna, the founder of Bridge Kala Academy, to provide a capable place to the girls of the lower and weaker sections of the society, every year 21 girls of 10th pass in the government schools here are given free education. Preference will be given to the arrangement.

The founder of Bridge Kala Academy, Kailash Chandna and creative director Sana Chandna will give official information about the preparations for the academy and for the bright future of the girls, through a press conference in the presence of many dignitaries.

Kailash ji believes that the youth in Himachal has the zeal to work and the people here especially the young generation aspire to fulfil the necessities of their life through their hard work with self-respect and want to become capable, Bridge Kala Academy wants to cooperate in his endeavor so that he wants to give employment to the youth as well as make them capable with their self-esteem so that they can use their abilities to generate employment for themselves as well as for others.

Kailash Chandna, the founder of Bridge Kala Academy, told that one of the main reasons for our coming to Solan and Himachal was that the CM here had invited the film industry and fashion people to work in Himachal in a government announcement last year. And assured that good and comfortable working conditions will be given here.

And it is a simple truth that the people who work only want the right conditions and then they get involved in the work for the betterment of all.

The Chief Minister, while clarifying his wish, had said that the nature resources in Himachal are very good, there is a lot of artists here, and if there is a shortage, then only to give them the right direction.

When the government is very aware, then the desire to work is formed by itself and with the same belief, the team of Kailash Chandna and Bridge Kala Academy here with their resources, techniques, capabilities and finance wants to connect with the society here.

Bridge Kala Academy will provide training to the youth in various fields so that the youth can be included in the work force every year.

Under this objective of the academy, youth will be provided training in areas like Computer Coding & video editing & other creative fields related subjects, film making, film production, photography & cinematography, fashion designing, modeling, acting, beauty & makeup, sound engineering, social media and marketing.

All these techniques play an important role in strengthening a society.

With the spirit of further strengthening the society and the state, bridgekala welcomes all of you with the hope of a good cooperation.

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