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“Brumby Lives Matter” campaigning to save the wild horses in Victoria Australia

Tim Bull in Victoria Australia, made excellent proactive progress in controlling the culling of these Brumbies.
|| Elsie Gabriel
(Global Diver, Climate Change leader & Environment writer)

“In some days, beginning in the night, shooters with night vision and Silencers will proceed to shoot innocent Brumbies in the Snowy Mountains. THIS DOES NOT NEED TO GO AHEAD, please share this awareness and sign the petition to STOP the slaughter of these beautiful mobs of horses. They are part of Our Australian history. There is a better way to manage this, as many are already in discussion.” Voices Joanne Rose a member of the “Brumby Lives Matter”, a strong group of over 29,000 so far on Facebook sincerely fighting to stop the culling of these wild horses in Victoria Australia.

There is an ongoing strong public outcry as thousands of wild horses are targeted to be culled.

Joanne Rose

Wild horses aren’t at fault. Wild horses are like every other animal. It’s not their fault that they exist. Culling is not an answer say members the Brumby Lives Matter. The fault lies in management, maybe population control, asignement of special zones, national parks, for them and adoption incentives?

For many non-Australian’s who are not aware,
Brumby shooting or brumbies shooting is the practice of eradicating feral horses, or “brumbies” in Australia. It has been conducted since the 1800s, and continues into the present day. The term “brumby” was first recorded in the 1870s. Reasons for brumby shooting include, but are not limited to: demands for grazing land and water for domestic herds, sport, to maintain pastoral stations, to reduce meadow damage caused by the horses, it is said. The wilderness, pastures and forests all over the globe hosts various specie’s of Wild animals and residents want to know how different can the Feral horse’s be?

Brumby shooting became a boom industry from the 1870s to the mid-1890s. It was reflected in the poetry and literature of the time.

Meanwhile their dynamic MP

Tim Bull, made excellent proactive progress in controlling the culling of these Brumbies, sharing, “The State Government’s contracted shooters that were to cull our brumbies commencing today is now NOT going ahead and they are pulling out this morning. The government’s own plan is to use shooting as a last resort after all other control methods were attempted, like capture and re-homing, which has been done successfully in the past and should be exhausted as the first option. This was not done in line with their own plan. Whilst our brumbies are an introduced species they hold a special place as they carry the blood of the whalers used by our Light Horse and are part of our recent history and heritage (eg the Man from Snowy River). Yes their numbers should be monitored and controlled and we need to do this better, but not this way. This is not over with another court hearing later this month, but it’s a great first step. Well done to the more than 100,000 who signed the petition and supported this cause, my colleague Bill Tilley and Phil Maguire for their work along with many others.”

Tim Bull MP

It has been speculated that there are over one million feral horses in Australia.
Managing excess wild horses is an emotional subject.
Is there a sustainable solution that is publicly acceptable to all stakeholders?

Many have come forward to adopt some, many private landowners interested in providing quality care for wild horses have offered to take them in. This offering may prove to be a viable and sustainable way to ease overpopulation while giving horses good homes. What’s more, this plan has hope. Meanwhile the petioners await the move and protection of these species, by the government so that these innocent wilderness creatures get to survive!

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